What could have been (svtfoe au) spolier warning!

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 11.38.23 PM                                             Chapter 1 sample

                                                        (spoiler warning)



300 years ago It was a dark and foggy night in Mewni , every mewman was sleeping

peacefully except for a dark green haired and  light purple eyed queen named Eclipsa

Butterfly, Eclipsa was sitting on an old rocking chair in the forbidden and forgotten

temple with a small infant with an adorable tail held in her dark purple hands. Minutes

later there was a knock at the door “Hello? Globgor is that you?” she asked as she placed

the infant in a wooden crib but nobody answered, the worried Butterfly walked up to

the door as she was about to use her magic to open the door a blast tore the door

down. Door shards flew across the room “What do you want!” Eclipsa screamed as

she grabbed the infant from the crib “Were here to end this once and for all! Hand over

that disgusting monster that you refer to as a princess!” said a man with a glare of a

statue and a curly white wig while the magic high commission stood behind him

“No please don’t I..” but before she could say anything Hekapoo reached for the infant

“NO! DON’T PLEASE!” she cried pulling the infant away from her each as tears streamed

down her face “I won’t let her come to the castle I will keep her down here and only

sometimes bring her at the market butplease don’t take her away from me” Shastacan’s

glare faded “Ok Eclipsa we shall leave

you your daughter and your husband alone, you may also occasionally  bring her to the

castle to play with Festivia, she could use some friends” he said as he and the magic high

comission left the room. “Oh Meteora we will be together forever my little one”.  .   .   . 

to be continued




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